Vitamins and minerals



„The maximum benefit”


  • intensive growth of birds
  • deficiency of vitamins A,D3,E,K
  • improving health
  • good economy of calcium and phosphorus

Dietetic compound feedingstuff

Product characteristics

AD3EK optimally selected vitamins in the product allow you to fill the gap by applying a small amount of product. The product is especially recommended for the production of goods size.
The corresponding period of increased demand for fat-soluble vitamins, which support the development of particularly young organisms. Use of the product allows you to provide the necessary doses of fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamins, which enhance the natural defenses of the body, so that the physiological increase the resistance against infections. Favorably affect the process of assimilation and the calcium – phosphate in the body. Vitamins A, D3, E, K, show antioxidant effect by controlling the unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin A, known popularly growth, acts on growth, reproduction, skin, eyesight and immunity. The plant feed is present only in the form of pro-vitamins, or B-carotene. A deficiency of this vitamin is the most dangerous consequences compared with other vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D3 works against rickets. Deficiency inhibits the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the feed, and thus the bone structure and eggshells. Vitamin E is the fertility vitamin. Regulates metabolism, absorption of amino acids and acts as a natural biological antioxidant. It’s deficiency causes dieback of embryos, loss of fertility, muscle degeneration, softening of the brain, and exudative diathesis in chicks and turkey poults. Vitamin K is determined hematopoietic. It works against haemorrhages, the deficit reduces blood clotting and immunity to intestinal diseases. They also positively affects the liver, heart and muscles.
AD3EK can be safely used at any time fattening.


Use after thorough mixing of feed, feed ingredients, food or liquid water.
Poultry: 200 – 250 ml per 1000 liters of water to drink. The recommended duration of use is 3 to 5 days. The recommended duration of use is 3 to 5 days. Before using the feed or before extending the period of application should consult the specialist nutritionist or veterinarian

Supplementary designation:

Percent of the saturated fatty acids in relation to total fatty acid 0%.
Total vitamin A: 25 000 000 IU. Total vitamin D3: 2 200 000 IU. Total vitamin E: 15 200 mg. Total vitamin K: 3 500 mg.

Intended use in order to meet the specific nutritional needs:

Alignment malabsorption. Animal species poultry excluding geese and pigeons. The recommended duration of use in the first two weeks after hatching. The product contains no saturated fatty acids and contains a high level of fat soluble vitamins.

Confection 2L, 5L