Vitamins and minerals



„Powerful complex of vitamins B””


  • deficiency of B group vitamins
  • for lowering the rate of growth
  • intensive growth and development of animals
  • of disturbing the digestive system

Complementary feed

Product characteristics

MAXI B is a rich complex recommended for use in feeding birds feed highly processed (subjected to the processes processing), accompanied by a deficiency of vitamin B. Specially selected set of vitamins, counteracts the adverse effects of deficiencies such as stunting syndrome, fatty liver, nervous system dysfunction, poor skin and it’s products. Included in the composition of the vitamin B1 and betaine are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, synthesis and degradation of neurotransmitters. The amino acid uptake and protein metabolism are involved in the present formulation, vitamin B2, B6, B12, and to the correct lipid metabolism and protect against liver steatosis contributes to the presence of vitamin B2 and choline.  At the proper course of transformation of carbohydrates affects the content of vitamin B1 . MAXI B is a well-chosen complex of B vitamins, which may impact on the overall health of the birds, take care of proper carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate appetite, improve metabolism, support the work of the nervous system and help keep the activity of brain cells, as well as a positive effect on the processes hematopoietic, proper development and accelerating wound healing.


150- 200 ml / 1000 liters of drinking water per day for 8-12h, for 3-5 days


Composition (in 1 L): Feed materials: magnesium sulfate (11.2.3) (MgSO4 x H2O), sodium chloride (11.4.1) (NaCl). ADDITIVES (in 1 L): Dietetic:Vitamins: choline, inositol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5 (D-calcium pantothenate), vitamin B6, vitamin B12; Amino acids: betaine; Sensory: the mixtures of flavorings 90 000 mg.

Confection 2L, 5L