BIOTIN + chelat

Support and condition


BIOTIN + chelat

„Healthy skin, healthy feathers”


  • abnormal plumage
  • with problems with fertility
  • proper development of leather and feathers
  • problem with plantar

Complementary feed

Product characteristics

BIOTIN + chelat is a mixture rich in biotin, zinc, B2 and lysine, which determine the correct number of creative processes of the skin and feathers from poultry. Included in the composition of biotin helps feathering of birds and supports the treatment of ulcers and pododermatitis. Present in the formulation is in the form of zinc chelate. Chelates protect vitamins and minerals before reactions in the digestive tract, which could limit their availability for the animal. Not impede the absorption of micronutrients derived from inorganic compounds. They are characterized by excellent absorption, because it can reduce the using amount of mineral added to the feed. Zinc is part of the hair protein affecting the quality and speed of moulting birds. It plays a role in proper bone mineralization, which is a key element for proper growth. Features zinc supports the addition of lysine, which is an essential component of the structural proteins of the skin, tendons, cartilage and bone. The use of fertility and also helps ensure proper development of sex organs and reduces dying embryos. The addition of herbal extract of nettle enhances the effect of BIOTIN + chelat through its specific analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, strengthening and disinfecting the skin.


100 – 200 ml / 1000 liters of drinking water for 6 – 8 hours per day, for 5 – 7 days


Composition (in 1 L): Feed materials: propylene glycol (13.1.1), glycerine (13.8.2). ADDITIVES (in 1 L): Dietetic: Vitamins: biotin (D-biotin), vitamin B2; Amino acids: L-lysine; Trace elements: Zn (glycine zinc chelate); Sensory: the mixtures of flavorings 100 000 mg. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS (in 1 L): crude ash 2%, crude protein 0%, crude fiber 0%, oils and crude fat 0%, lysine 0,3%, methionine 0%.

Confection 2L