Improving health



„Ascites and renal dysfunction”


  • kidney disorders
  • the appearance of ascites
  • nephritis
  • support the work of digestive tract

Complementary feed

Product characteristics

URTICAN is a liquid formulation designed for poultry used in the presence of ascites, which is a consequence of pulmonary hypertension syndrome (PHS) and the kidney problems. It’s active ingredients from nettle and cranberry positive effect on the functioning of the excretory system. Also recommended in case of risk of disorders diuresis and detoxification occurs in the kidneys. The additional presence of salicylates supports the body in inflammation and also helps the circulatory system. PHS syndrome (pulmonary hypertension) – a developmental disorder occurring in fast-growing broiler chickens involving the insufficient development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The effects of this are visible and increases with insufficient ventilation (air exchange in the house), which significantly leads to losses in the production of broiler chicken. Properly selected composition of ingredients and it’s high concentration, provides a quick and reliable effect of. The active substances have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and support the removal of harmful products of metabolism (chlorides, urea). They support the work and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

URTICAN can be safely administered at any time during fattening.


200 – 400 ml / 1000 liters of drinking water per day for 12 hours during 3 – 5 days


Composition (in 1 L): Feed materials: propylene glycol (13.11.1), glucose (13.2.2). ADDITIVES (in 1 L): Dietetic: Vitamins: vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid); Sensory: The mixture of flavorings 950 000 mg. . ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS (in 1 L): Na 390 mg, crude protein 0%, crude ash 1%, crude fiber 0,5%, oils and crude fat 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%.

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