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Who we are?

We are a company working in the area of ​​livestock farming, sports and accompanying. We have ten years of experience related to the production and distribution of herbal – vitamin supplements. The keynote of our activities are still evolving needs the domestic and abroad markets. Our products, is a response to customers’ needs. Conversations with them lead us and help in choosing the direction of production. Our products are based on consultations with breeders, veterinarians, animal nutrition technologists and chemists all over the world. We also work with universities in Poland, and outside of our country. We are currently patenting our own technology sourcing of active ingredients from herbs VPF technology – Vacuum Preasure Fusion.

The main area of ​​our activity are supplements for poultry. Poland is currently one of the largest poultry tycoons in Europe. Before countries like Germany or France. Based on such a demanding market like ours, we have created a suite of products that meets nutritional needs, zootechnical and productive poultry farms around the world. These are products for different production groups and from different periods of animal production.

Our offer also includes a wide range of products and services in the field of animal nutrition, other than poultry (for example: the pigeons or horses), care, hygiene and biodegradability. We are  responding to customer needs and introducing new technologies, setting the direction for development. So if you are interested in products for another group of animals than poultry, we are able to create a product to meet your needs. For us nothing is impossible to do, we have’t no limits beyond our imagination. We focus our attention primarily on the exploration, development and implementation of alternative solutions that allow the elimination of the use of chemotherapeutic agents in animal husbandry.

We treat others as we would like us to be treated – respecting the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the other. We want to be leaders in our industry, offering our customers practical knowledge and proven solutions. We will invest all our skills to create customers products of very high quality.

Our values

Product Quality above all else

We are determined to achieve success through the reliability of the work performed. Constantly we are creating new and improved products that meet the requirements of economic and quality.

Sincerity and integrity

Our intentions towards contractors are always honest and sincere. Without tricks and hidden additional costs.

Our customers are most important for us

That is why we always put on good partnerships, mutual interaction, empathy and active listening. We strive to be the answer to your needs. We are able to create products taking into account their country of destination, economic conditions and climatic conditions and your individual preferences.

Awareness and responsibility

We take responsibility for the products. We eliminate our mistakes and do our utmost to fix them. We are constantly looking for new solutions.

We are constantly working to improve products

Our products and concepts is the result of everyday consistent work on developing and applying weight to the needs of our customers. We are constantly working to improve the products, development of new solutions. Quality is for us in the first place – regardless of whether it concerns finished products or services. Thanks to the international certification of quality management, high internal quality control, research and everyday conversations with our partners continually optimize our processes, products and quality service.

We strive to optimize animal husbandry whereas the final result of the production process, taking into account all costs.

Together with us – setting new directions in animal husbandry. Together they overcome cultural barriers, climatic conditions and abolish all boundaries, to achieve a common goal – healthy animals and breeding success!

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