It lowers the pH of the digestive tract

CidMix Cu

„Healthy digestive tract”


  • correct of intestinal flora
  • with digestive disorders
  • improveing appetite
  • minimizing the occurrence of diarrhea
  • correct pH of digestive tract
Complementary feed for poultry and swine

Product characteristics

Cidmix Cu is a preparation containing a properly prepared mixture of active organic acids used for better functioning of the digestive tract of animals. Sanitizes water, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, conductive to removal of biofilm. Organic acids have a strong effect on lowering the pH of the digestive tract, which is important for improving appetite, reducing the risk of food poisoning, minimizing the occurrence of diarrhea, and improving the absorption of nutrients. Regular use of the preparation minimizes the risk
of production losses due to digestive problems.


0,5 – 1,5 KG / 1000 L of drinking water, 8 – 12h per day, 3-5 times a week


Composition (in 1 L): Feed materials: glycerine (13.8.2), propylene glycol (13.11.1) ADDITIVES (in 1 L): Technological: acidity regulators: formic acid (E236), phosphoric acid (E338), citric acid (E330), propionic acid (E280); Dietetic: Trace elements: Cu (copper sulfate) ANTIALYCAL CONSTITUENTS (in 1 L): crude ash 9%, crude protein 0%, crude fiber 0%, oils and crude fat 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%

Confection 20 KG (L)