On heat

C Strong saszetka


„Effective in hot weather”


  • during hot weather (hot stress)
  • for stregthening the organism of birds
  • during the treatment of upper respiratory tract
  • for improving body function and resistance to infection

Complementary feed

Product characteristics

C STRONG is suitable for all species of poultry feed composition containing the composition of the highest quality ascorbic acid, which is used for the proper functioning of the immune system, and is also necessary in stressful situations, for example: heat stress in poultry. Vitamin C fulfills an important role in the body’s oxidation-reduction agent. Involved in the metabolism and absorption of iron, the formation of red blood cells and metabolic processes. Strengthens the body’s defenses in case of infection and loads of different types. It is recommended to supplement the daily requirement in cases of anemia, hemorrhagic states and posthemorrhagic disease against bacterial and viral infections, parasitic diseases, diarrhea, poisoning, states gastrointestinal, wound-healing processes, periods of regeneration, thermal stress. The use of C STRONG is completely safe, translates into improved health and condition of the birds breeding in critical moments.


  • water: 100 – 200 g / 1000 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days
  • feed: 400 g / 1000 kg of feed, for a period of 3-5 days


Composition (in 1 kg): Feed materials: dextroses (13.2.2), sodium chloride (11.4.1). ADDITIVES
(in 1 kg): Dietetic: Vitamins: vitamin C (L-ascrorbic acid) (E300) 990 g. ANTIALYCAL CONSTITUENTS
(in 1 kg): Na 350 , crude ash 2%, crude protein 0%, crude fiber 0%, oils and crude fat 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%.

Confection 3kg