Innovative products for poultry breeding

Our main goal is to search for innovative products to provide highly effective solutions. We combine the skills, experience and great passion for creating products dedicated to you. Our every move is thought out in detail. There is no place for the random components. Their path leads through a series of checkpoints, from the purchase of raw materials and ending with the finished product.
Fine tuning every detail to give in your hands a quality product …


5 things, you need to know about our products

high concentration of active substances

resistance to external conditions

uniformity and ease of dissolution

stability and durability throughout the storage period

made of the best, certifited materials

Why ELLICO is the best choice?

Our secret is an innovative and advanced technological process Vacuum Pressure Fusion (VPF) based on the use of physical properties of low vacuum, which enables higher concentrations of active ingredients in each cubic centimeter of the product and provides a stable and durable connection carrier molecules of the active substances. An equally important factor in determining the quality of our products is to use during the production of high purity raw materials, which eliminates the need for their treatment through filtration or additional distillation.