See What Sets US Apart

The secret to the effectiveness of our solutions are innovative and advanced technological process

Vacuum Pressure Fusion

It is an innovative technological process wherein the physical properties are used for low vacuum in order to achieve a higher concentration of active ingredients in each cubic centimeter of the product. That is why a part of a technological process takes place in a vacuum environment or a vacuum, allowing more stable connection to the active particles from the carrier, eg. during the extraction of herbs, vitamins or mixing with the carrier. Through this process, we obtain a greater concentration of the active substances obtained from plant material as well as more durable and effective connection with the carrier which makes it is homogeneous and stable for longer storage and resistant to external influences.

The end results is a product

having high concentration of active substances

uniform and readily soluble

more resistant to external conditions

stable and durable throughout the shelf life

During our production tere is no room for chance

An equally important factor in determining the quality of our products is to use during the production of high purity raw materials, which eliminates the need for their treatment through filtration or additional distillation. Raw materials that are used in the manufacture of our products are always tested and certified to the highest possible quality.

That is why we give you modern and thoughtful solutions ,which we premit efficient to fight with the everyday occurring problems on the farms.

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Co nas wyroznia
Co nas wyroznia